Diigo post 12/15/2011 (p.m.)

  • At its core, “flipped instruction” refers to moving aspects of teaching out of the classroom and into the homework space. With the advent of new technologies, specifically the ability to record digitally annotated and narrated screencasts, instructional videos have become a common medium in the flipped classroom. Although not limited to videos, a flipped classroom most often harnesses different forms of instructional video published online for students.

    tags: flippedclassroom flipped classroom education Flipped flipclass edutopia strategy edchat

  • The very first open source software application for curriculum mapping. No software license fees. A PHP web-based application that can be installed inside your local intranet or on the internet.
    Allows flexible curriculum unit page customization supporting formats/programs such as UbD, PYP, MYP etc.
    Contains over ten searches to monitor curriculum development progress and show different curriculum maps. Additional custom searches are supported. Annual teacher professional development evaluation with student surveys.

    tags: curriculum mapping

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By Jordan Stephen

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